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Healthy pancakes, yeah!

Another favourite in cyber space, which has totally become both a hit and a favourite in the household here. We´ve had a lot of visitors the past year since we moved up to Sweden. With us now living quite a way away from the supermarket it means our guests have kind of had to eat whatever this gluten allergic nutritionist whips up for herself every morning. Thank G – or thank Cyberspace – for these pancakes is the word I have gotten from basically all of them this past winter ;-).So I guess it is time to share my own pimped version of what was initially called the “2 ingredient pancake” :-), with thanks to all our dear friends who keep popping by with SAS and SJ; Ingredients (per person); 1 banana 2 eggs cinnamon baking soda (if you´d like, leaving it out is fine too and does not affect the taste) 1 tbsp buckwheat flakes or kernels 1 tbspn oat flakes 1 teaspoon each of all superfood berries and seeds you have in the …

Banana & Carrot Muffins

I know, I know – it has been ages since my last post…. But that does not mean the inspiration was gone, it was just life that kind of “took over”. Now with spring and long days, evenings and even nights as the sun now sets around 23.45 up here and is back up again around 04.00 there is plenty of energy and time to try new recipes. Yesterday evening I baked these gluten, dairy and sugar free muffins – filled to the brim with awesome anti oxidants like carotenoids, with potassium, fiber, heart healthy fats, vitamin D, healing spices, vital-for-bone-muscle-and-brain-vitamins-and-minerals, packed with vitamin A and protein. Aside from that long list of good reasons to try these, they were yummy! Only took 5 minutes to whip together and then 20 – 25 minutes in the oven – so, lack of time does not justify as a reason to not try! Ingredients; 3 finely grated carrots (medium size) 3 eggs 2 dl almond flour 2 tspns baking powder 0,5 tspn sea salt 1 tbspn cinnamon …

Jonas´post -squat smoothie

Pretty much on a daily basis I make smoothies from whatever I have at home, taking care to use enough proteins and heart healthy fats in the form of nuts, seeds, flaxseed oil, avocado as well as healthy carbohydrates in the form of berries, fruit and for the green smoothies also veggies. To most of them I also add some “superfood powders” like chlorella, spirulina, acai, maca, rosehip and/ or some cacao nibs. Plus some protein powder sourced from either rice, soy, pea or hemp. And to be honest most of my mixes look and taste like crap. But like with everything in life, if you don´t practice and keep trying things out you´ll never get there or even anywhere . So, to my surprise, there was one which was actually good a few days ago! There is nothing in the whole world that can make me miss my weekly Trojan Workout sessions I follow at Trainingscentrum Helena in Haarlem, and I knew I had a crazy busy day ahead of me where I first …

Chocolate icecream

February has been crazy busy. We are preparing to move countries, from NL to Sweden, this spring and looking for a house up there while simultaneously packing this house, which is already sold, up , setting  up a business up there while still running one down here, mindfully experiencing the letting go of all we have loved here and spending as much time as possible with all the beautiful people I  so deeply love and appreciate here while also getting excited about the adventure ahead, all of this is a bit of a roller coaster. So, some things have been lacking behind – like these blog posts 🙂 …! With spring around the corner, at least here in Holland, I wanted to share this amazingly yummy yet extremely healthy , anti oxidant packed home made icecream recipe. To me, there could not be any better day than the last day of February to share this recipe – as the first sign of spring here in Haarlem is when the Italian gelateria Garonne has opened, which …

Easy, healthy and gluten free muesli

I am not even sure whether to call this a recipe or not, as it is so, so easy. It is a great substitute for your breakfast cereal, it is gluten free, full of good & healthy stuff like Omega 3 fats, calcium, fibre, iron, selenium, fosfor, magnesium, Vitamins A, B, C, E & K to mention a few. And of course, it is yummy to eat, fast and easy to make. All you do is stir the following together: 3 dl pumpkin seeds 3 dl sunflower seeds 3 dl chopped hazelnuts 3 dl chopped pecannuts 3 dl crushed flaxseed and if you´d like, add some teaspoons of cinnamon. I had a few tablespoons of this mix with berries and quark this morning. If you are lactose intolerant, you can go for goat quark and if you are vegan try it with soy yoghurt or any milk substitute of your choice.

Yummy, fast and oh-so-good-for you oats & raspberry smoothie

When we keep our eyes open there are great recipes and inspiration for a yummy, fun and healthy living all around us, all the time. This one I found on the package of Oatly´s oat milk and it is just too good to only be shared with the people who are already buing oat milk. And don´t stop there – test it with other milks too, whichever you like best! 1 portion 2 dl oat milk 1 banana 3 dried apricots 2 tbspn oats 1 dl raspberries Mix the oat milk, banana and apricots in a mixer first. Then add the oats and the raspberries and mix until smooth. Sprinkle with some pumpkin seeds if you´d like or have a handful of unsalted nuts to make sure you have enough good fats to aid the uptake of the antioxidants this smoothie is packed with. Yum!

Coconut milk and mango smoothie

This smoothie originally was called a “breakfast smoothie” , but I find it a great after sports recovery smoothie as well as a heavier snack for when you are really hungry in between meals. 1 portion; 1 dl coconut milk 1 dl unsweetened applejuice 1 dl mango 2 tbspn protein powder, neutral or vanilla taste 1 banana Run the ingredients in a mixer until you have a smooth drink = smoothie 🙂 Eat a handful of Brazil nuts on the side. Feel free to add some spirulina or chlorella powder to the mix, it will change the colour, increase the healthiness and won´t mess with the taste at all. You can also sprinkle some coconutflakes on top as a yummy decoration. Original source (before amendments) of inspiration: Tidningen Fitness 10 / 2011

Wednesday smoothie (2 persons)

Another guest blog recipe from Riita. Enjoy! Basis : almond milk (0.5liters) Berries: mango, strawberries, rasperries, blueberries Fruits: half banana and 1 kiwi Nuts: pecan and walnuts (handful) Seeds: Chia and hemp (few tea spoons) Other: chlorella (few tea spoons) hemp protein powder (couple of table spoons) (sorry no pics about the Wednesday smoothie but it became green, nothing to worry, it tasted nice and it was very smooth)

Banana, basil & strawberry smoothie

It is not often the smoothies I whip up from whatever I have at home in the mornings , to bring for my morning yoga practice, turn out as well as this one – so on the rare occasions they do I have to share them of course. This time of the year both the strawberries and the basil are really, really tasty as they are at their freshest which I think is what made the tastes stand out. Anyway, put the following in your blender; 1 banana 1,5 dl of fresh (or in off season, frozen) strawberries Basil – about 5 leaves 1 tspn flax seed oil 3 dl rice milk Swish, swoosh and enjoy! For those of you on higher protein diet of course you can add a neutral protein powder as well to the mix.

One more chocolatey smoothie

Seems we can´t get enough of these smoothies! They come out of nowhere and everywhere to be tested and tasted. Lately they all seem to have the theme of chocolate or cacao, who knows why they arrive in clusters 🙂 … Anyway, here´s another yummy & healthy smoothie – have it as a snack, after training, for breakfast…. 3 dl of almondmilk or oat milk (or any other milk you like) 1 banana 1 tbspn cacao powder / raw cacao 3 tbspn hennep protein powder a bit of vanilla 1 tbspn coconut oil (slowly heat au bain marine to get it more liquid before putting in the smoothie) Mix, serve, enjoy!