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Chocolate icecream

February has been crazy busy. We are preparing to move countries, from NL to Sweden, this spring and looking for a house up there while simultaneously packing this house, which is already sold, up , setting  up a business up there while still running one down here, mindfully experiencing the letting go of all we have loved here and spending as much time as possible with all the beautiful people I  so deeply love and appreciate here while also getting excited about the adventure ahead, all of this is a bit of a roller coaster. So, some things have been lacking behind – like these blog posts 🙂 …! With spring around the corner, at least here in Holland, I wanted to share this amazingly yummy yet extremely healthy , anti oxidant packed home made icecream recipe. To me, there could not be any better day than the last day of February to share this recipe – as the first sign of spring here in Haarlem is when the Italian gelateria Garonne has opened, which …

Gojji, strawberry and cherry salad

Really summery and extremely healthy salad to have as dessert or next to your BBQ even. 4 portions 400 gr fresh strawberries 150 gram fresh cherries 100 gram dried gojjiberries Slice the strawberries in quarters, half the cherries and get rid of the pits, put all together in a bowl with gojji berries and enjoy! A complete “bomb” of Vitamine C and anti oxidants!

Wednesday smoothie (2 persons)

Another guest blog recipe from Riita. Enjoy! Basis : almond milk (0.5liters) Berries: mango, strawberries, rasperries, blueberries Fruits: half banana and 1 kiwi Nuts: pecan and walnuts (handful) Seeds: Chia and hemp (few tea spoons) Other: chlorella (few tea spoons) hemp protein powder (couple of table spoons) (sorry no pics about the Wednesday smoothie but it became green, nothing to worry, it tasted nice and it was very smooth)

Better than ice cream :-)

Riita is one of the most inspiring people I have met when it comes to having to change your lifestyle and nutritional patterns. Whenever she has the slightest set back, she steps back, look at what happenend and how she can use that knowledge learned for the future and make adjustments from there. She makes my life as her nutritonal coach really fun! Here she shares one of her own yummy, healthy and best ever supplements for ice cream for these hot summery days. Enjoy, and do let us know what you think! 2 boxes of frozen strawberries (AH size is around 225gr per box) 2.5dl soya yoghurt Handful of nuts (I had pecan and walnuts) Few dl of almond milk Put them all in the mixer and mix it so that it will be this thick strawberry “ice cream” type of slush. Really nice and I found it better than ice cream  I didn’t have fresh munt but I think it would do nice addition. (beautiful pink lush)

Banana, basil & strawberry smoothie

It is not often the smoothies I whip up from whatever I have at home in the mornings , to bring for my morning yoga practice, turn out as well as this one – so on the rare occasions they do I have to share them of course. This time of the year both the strawberries and the basil are really, really tasty as they are at their freshest which I think is what made the tastes stand out. Anyway, put the following in your blender; 1 banana 1,5 dl of fresh (or in off season, frozen) strawberries Basil – about 5 leaves 1 tspn flax seed oil 3 dl rice milk Swish, swoosh and enjoy! For those of you on higher protein diet of course you can add a neutral protein powder as well to the mix.

The Strawberry Smoothie that fills you up

This Strawberry smoothie you can have either for breakfast those days you are in a real hurry, as your morning or afternoon snack, after your workout or whenever you choose – either way it is guaranteed to fill you up and it’s packed with both vitamins, antioxidants and protein. 1 portion Ingredients; 400 g Silk tofu 30 frozen strawberries Run the tofu and the strawberries in the mixer until it is a smooth mix. Drink and enjoy!