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Workshop Yoga & Nutrition – Sweet Surrender

Eva´z Yoga & Pilates, Herenweg 89, Heemstede Sunday 13/12 , 13.00 – 16.30 Mid December, and we find ourselves halfway towards Christmas – most likely already clogged up by great-fun-but-maybe-not-so-great-for-our-overall-health “kerst-borrels”, Christmas get-togethers in the shape of brunches, lunches, dinners and more next to stress building up for the holidays. The feeling of neither having enough time nor energy to fill up our energy-reserves with closing off the old year, planning the new year and fitting Christmas celebrations in between those two up ahead quite often leaves us feeling overwhelmed. There is no better occasion or reason than this to take a small time out, to step on the yoga mat, surrender to what your body and mind truly needs to charge, to re set and to step in to the light which the holiday season actually truly does bring! In this workshop with the theme “Sweet Surrender” we will be guided to approach all the practices of yoga (meditation, breath, postures, relaxation) with openness. We will explore what it means to completely surrender the …

News: New weekly Yoga lessons at Eva´z in Heemstede

Happy Autumn out there everyone! I am stoked to start teaching weekly lessons at Eva´z beautiful studio and space in Heemstede again from October 1st. There will be 2 new lessons commencing Friday this week; Friday´s 17.00 – 18.15, Dynamic Flow Yoga Wednesday´s 21.15 – 22.15, Restorative Yoga All levels are welcome! Adress; Eva’z Yoga & Pilates Herenweg 89, Heemstede Please, contact Eva to sign up for the lessons on either sms, What´s App or e-mail; 06-24201111 See you in Heemstede!


Spring is officially upon us and before we rejoice in all the energy the sun brings us, before we feel it rushing through our bodies and minds filling us with a tremendous intensity of inspiration and motivation, there is always that time of transitioning in to spring from winter. Yes, we do tend to forget that. Every year anew we find ourselves sitting there wondering why we are overcome with fatigue and sluggishness, feeling slightly chilly, eyes watering, itchy nose, wrapped in a huge blanket while turning our cheeks to face the sunlight with a craving for that fluttering spring energy to just kick start itself. Spring, the season of the element Wood, the season of the Liver, the Gallbladder, of Green. The season when the body wakes up again to take in the beauty of life as it re invents itself right before our very eyes. Being the language nerd I am have for a long time been fascinated with the origin and meaning of words in relation to what they can really tell …

Strong Winter

Winter. Water. Cold. Yin. Kidneys. Hibernation. Recuperation. Rest. Movement. Stamina. Plenty of words to describe the season and element we are in. I just read in a centuries old “Farmers Wisdom Calendar” that if the old year freezes together with the new year it will be strong winter. A strong winter. What does that mean actually? A lot of us might shrug and think “uh, that means a long, cold, winter with frozen hands, feet and nose”. Other’s might think “yeah, that means a long, crisp, ice and snow clad couple of months ahead with loads of fresh air enjoy ice skating, skiing and sledding with the kids down the slopes”. I would like to think of it as simply “strong winter”. Winter – with all it’s cold, ice, rain or snow, biting winds, somewhat darker days and longer evenings, with me feeling strong. Strong winter. The planet needs this season to be cold, to be “real” to be in balance here in the Northern Hemisphere. We are not separate from the planet. So, how …


The trees are almost completely bare this time of the year in the south of Swedish Lapland where I am living at the moment. More or less totally naked. I can´t decide if they look dead or just totally cleansed, getting ready for hibernation or cocooning. Either way, something changed and there is no way denying it. “Change is the only constant in life” – wise words spoken by dear Heraclitus more than 2500 years ago. Words so evident once we open our eyes to take in the changes in nature – even if we live in the city there are trees and flowerbeds somewhere to be seen and birds to be heard – breathing in the air which changes it’s temperature and humidity as the seasons travel onwards, looking up at the sun to see where it sits today during our lunch break (if you ain´t taking a lunch break, how about giving that as a gift to yourself starting right now ☺ ?), just sharing space with what is moving around, above and …

News: Vijnana Yoga Workshop, Östersund, 22/11 2014

I denna, den första Vijnana Yoga workshopen någonsin i Sverige, kommer vi att fokusera på de två första av de “Seven Vital Principles Of Vijnana Yoga” – vilka är “Relaxing The Body”/ Låta kroppen slappna av och “Quieting The Mind”/ Stilla sinnet. En avslappnad kropp och ett stilla sinne innebär inte, som texten kanske kan låta, att vi är helt “slappa” utom snarare tvärtom – att vi hittar det stället där de delar av kroppen och sinnet som behöver vara aktiva och alerta är det och att de delar som inte behöver vara aktiva och alerta just nu “vilar”. Det är vårat egentliga naturliga tillstånd, vilket vi ofta leds bort från både genom våra egna tankar, planer och listor och stimulans och stress utifrån. I denna 3 timmar workshop kommer vi att utforska dessa två principer i sittande/meditation, pranayama/andningsövningar, yoga asanas/ yoga hållningar och i savasana/liggande avslappning. Vi kommer även att behandla en liten del filosofi, lite vetenskap om hjärnan och fysiologi och alla frågor och kommentarer är välkomna. Workshopen är öppen för alla nivåer. …

Buddhi, The Power To Choose

One of the four functions of the mind, according to yoga philosophy, is Buddhi. Buddhi is the part of our mind which “knows, decides, judges and discriminates” to quote Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati who has the most comprehensive study program and website out there on Traditional Yoga. To train your Buddhi – well, to first become aware of its existence and then noticing its workings and from there on training it – I have to say is for me what brings me in the direction of Joy, Peace, Balance or whatever you may call it yourself. Whenever I forget to train or even to observe my Buddhi, that is when it feels like my life starts falling apart, when I get overwhelmed, swallowed up by the world with all its issues and whims. After some time the moment comes back when I realize that it is not the world with its issues and whims which I am getting caught up in, but instead, somewhere in there, in the mind world, there were choices made to be swept …

News / Yoga Workshop – “Sacred Feet, Sacred Earth”

Where? @ Eva’z, Heemstede When? Saturday November 16th , 14.00 – 17.00 How much? 35 euro’s What? In this workshop we will re-connect with the natural rythm of our own body, mind, nature and the earth through focusing on and working with the principle of rooting in the asana’s/the postures, the pranayama / the breathing exercises as well as in the meditation. And of course we will enjoy a heavenly relaxation/savasana at the end of the practice. Kind of like a re-set button for your whole system! By bringing ourselves back in balance we automatically offer the world around us and under our feet balance too – it’s no more difficult than that! The workshop is for all levels of yogi’s. Welcome on the 16th!

News / New weekly lesson @ Evaz in Heemstede

I am really delighted to announce that as of the first week of October I will be part of the team at Evaz in Heemstede – an amazingly beautiful and fun Yoga & Pilates Studio on the Herenweg. You can join for the Vijnana Yoga lessons as of Saturday October the 5th, every Saturday morning at 9.30. Please, sign up for the class via the website. Looking forward to welcoming you at Evaz!

News / New weekly lessons in Haarlem

As of Tuesday October 8th, there will be 2 new lessons at Trainingscentrum Helena close to the Haarlem Central Station. On Tuesday mornings there will be a regular Vijnana / Classical Yoga class of 1,5 hours. To sign up for this one, please, do so via the website of Trainingscentrum Helena. Class starts at 10.00. Please, bring your own mat and blanket. On Wednesday evening there will be a completely new type of class called Trojan Balance, which will take place just after the Wednesday evening Trojan Workout and will connect to cooling down as well as speeding up the recovery after and detoxificating started during the Trojan Workout. Trojan Workout is at 18.30 and Trojan Balance starts at 19.00. To find out all about Trojan Workout and Trojan Balance as well as signing up, please, visit the website of Trainingscentrum Helena. Both Trojan Workout and Trojan Balance are 30 minute classes with amazing results. I am totally stoked to welcome you all at Traningscentrum Helena!