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Cranberry smoothie

Here is antoher easy, fast and really nutritious smoothie. Packed to the brim with vitamins and anti oxidants to keep our immune system up now that the season of the common colds is about to hit us here in the Northern Hemisphere. I glass; 2 oranges 1 dl frozen raspberries 0,5 dl frozen cranberries Squeeze the juice out of the oranges and mix it with the frozen berries. If you would like some extra fibre, then add the orange pulp to the mix as well. Plus, to aid the uptake of the anti oxidants , of whom quite a few are fat soluble, you can eat a handful of mixed nuts or seeds with the shake or add a bit of flaxseed oil to the shake before you mix it. If you just got back from a heavy workout, of course you can add some protein powder to the mix as well. Enjoy!

Yummy, fast and oh-so-good-for you oats & raspberry smoothie

When we keep our eyes open there are great recipes and inspiration for a yummy, fun and healthy living all around us, all the time. This one I found on the package of Oatly´s oat milk and it is just too good to only be shared with the people who are already buing oat milk. And don´t stop there – test it with other milks too, whichever you like best! 1 portion 2 dl oat milk 1 banana 3 dried apricots 2 tbspn oats 1 dl raspberries Mix the oat milk, banana and apricots in a mixer first. Then add the oats and the raspberries and mix until smooth. Sprinkle with some pumpkin seeds if you´d like or have a handful of unsalted nuts to make sure you have enough good fats to aid the uptake of the antioxidants this smoothie is packed with. Yum!

Wednesday smoothie (2 persons)

Another guest blog recipe from Riita. Enjoy! Basis : almond milk (0.5liters) Berries: mango, strawberries, rasperries, blueberries Fruits: half banana and 1 kiwi Nuts: pecan and walnuts (handful) Seeds: Chia and hemp (few tea spoons) Other: chlorella (few tea spoons) hemp protein powder (couple of table spoons) (sorry no pics about the Wednesday smoothie but it became green, nothing to worry, it tasted nice and it was very smooth)

Raspberry & coconut smoothie

Here´s another great smoothie, found online with origin Fredrik Paulun. Great as a snack, an on the go breakfast, dessert or even as a welcome drink when it is nice and warm outside and you are having friends over for dinner or BBQ. Packed with antioxidants and healthy fatty acids. Enjoy! 1 serving 125 gr quark – if you are lactose intolerant use goat quark, if you are vegan, use silk tofu 1 dl coconut milk 1 dl milk – any milk you prefer 1 dl raspberries 1 large spoon pumpkin seeds

Antioxidant packed shake

I know it might seem like I am on shake-mission lately,but I just can´t help it. Wherever I look there are recipes or ingredients popping out and then you have to try it right!? This one came off the rice milk package and it was yummy. For those of you who are having this smoothie after exercise or as a more filling snack, just add some protein powder to the mix and eat a handful of nuts next to it. I would always have the nuts next to a shake like this anyway, as you otherwise send your bloodsugar pretty high plus the heart healthy fats in the nuts also optimizes the uptake of the fatsoluble vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the fruit and berries. This is what we throw in the mixer; 1 kiwi fruit 200 grams of raspberries 200 ml rice milk (do experiment with other non dairy milks too of course) 8 mint leaves Swish! Enjoy! Click here for some more nutritional benefits on the Kiwi and the Raspberries.

Goodmorning shake

This morning I started the day with a somewhat modified shake compared to the original recipe in Fredrik Pauluns book “LCHQ Kokboken” , which turned out well enough to share it with the rest of you :-). Modifying recipes is not my strongest side, as my collegue and excellent cook Stephanie Mazier from a ppetit voyage definately can confirm after having had to taste some of the most horrendous mixes sometimes. That’s what friends are for right 🙂 !? Well, with this one I am hoping that at least some of those mixes will be forgotten :-). Enjoy! For one portion, use the following ingredients, throw them in the blender and drink up; 1 dl + quark, goat quark for the lactose intolerant among us 2 dl oat milk 1 dl raspberries (frozen, thawed, fresh, whatever you like best and have available) Some basil leaves 1/2 avocado Even though this was a breakfast smoothie today, of course it can also be enjoyed as a snack anytime as well as a recovery shake after training. Plus …

Yummy and healthy orange, raspberry and more smoothie

Once again the desk is full, the inbox jam packed and the day only contains that many hours…. Time for a quick and healthy snack that I can devour while typing away! Here is one of my favorites, it only takes a few minutes to prepare (and that is without having a juicer, just an old fashioned citrus fruit press that you use by hand and which can only do half an orange at a time before you have to tip the content over into the mixer). I got it out of a Swedish Fitness Magazine some years ago: 2 freshly squeezed oranges 1 dl frozen raspberries 1 dl frozen mango 10 cm cucumber, peeled 1 banana   Put it all in the mixer. Swish! Done! Enjoy!