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Wednesday smoothie (2 persons)

Another guest blog recipe from Riita. Enjoy! Basis : almond milk (0.5liters) Berries: mango, strawberries, rasperries, blueberries Fruits: half banana and 1 kiwi Nuts: pecan and walnuts (handful) Seeds: Chia and hemp (few tea spoons) Other: chlorella (few tea spoons) hemp protein powder (couple of table spoons) (sorry no pics about the Wednesday smoothie but it became green, nothing to worry, it tasted nice and it was very smooth)

Better than ice cream :-)

Riita is one of the most inspiring people I have met when it comes to having to change your lifestyle and nutritional patterns. Whenever she has the slightest set back, she steps back, look at what happenend and how she can use that knowledge learned for the future and make adjustments from there. She makes my life as her nutritonal coach really fun! Here she shares one of her own yummy, healthy and best ever supplements for ice cream for these hot summery days. Enjoy, and do let us know what you think! 2 boxes of frozen strawberries (AH size is around 225gr per box) 2.5dl soya yoghurt Handful of nuts (I had pecan and walnuts) Few dl of almond milk Put them all in the mixer and mix it so that it will be this thick strawberry “ice cream” type of slush. Really nice and I found it better than ice cream  I didn’t have fresh munt but I think it would do nice addition. (beautiful pink lush)