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News:, Cooking and Nutritional Workshop – Myths and Truths about Fat/s and Your Health

  Welcome to part 2 in our “Myths and Truths” series!   Last time we dove in to sugar – this time we are diving in to “Myths and Truths about Fat/s and Your Health”. How exciting! We are actually totally stoked to be hosting this workshop on this very subject – first of all as there is of course so much Yummy, Fun and Healthy Food to be cooked within this theme. Secondly as we love to give these workshops and meet all of you. Thirdly because if there is any section within nutrition that has been swinging up and down, back and forth when it comes to trends and myths the past 30 years – Fat/s is the true winner. Science and research wise, it has been a true trip of discovery in to the nature of our digestive system and metabolism next to the tremendous effect and importance to our health. So, we will learn all there is to learn about Fat/s and Your Health in this workshop. We will cook some …

Workshop Yoga & Nutrition – Sweet Surrender

Eva´z Yoga & Pilates, Herenweg 89, Heemstede Sunday 13/12 , 13.00 – 16.30 Mid December, and we find ourselves halfway towards Christmas – most likely already clogged up by great-fun-but-maybe-not-so-great-for-our-overall-health “kerst-borrels”, Christmas get-togethers in the shape of brunches, lunches, dinners and more next to stress building up for the holidays. The feeling of neither having enough time nor energy to fill up our energy-reserves with closing off the old year, planning the new year and fitting Christmas celebrations in between those two up ahead quite often leaves us feeling overwhelmed. There is no better occasion or reason than this to take a small time out, to step on the yoga mat, surrender to what your body and mind truly needs to charge, to re set and to step in to the light which the holiday season actually truly does bring! In this workshop with the theme “Sweet Surrender” we will be guided to approach all the practices of yoga (meditation, breath, postures, relaxation) with openness. We will explore what it means to completely surrender the …

News: New weekly Yoga lessons at Eva´z in Heemstede

Happy Autumn out there everyone! I am stoked to start teaching weekly lessons at Eva´z beautiful studio and space in Heemstede again from October 1st. There will be 2 new lessons commencing Friday this week; Friday´s 17.00 – 18.15, Dynamic Flow Yoga Wednesday´s 21.15 – 22.15, Restorative Yoga All levels are welcome! Adress; Eva’z Yoga & Pilates Herenweg 89, Heemstede Please, contact Eva to sign up for the lessons on either sms, What´s App or e-mail; 06-24201111 See you in Heemstede!

News / Workshop Vijnana Yoga, January 19th at Eva´z

Sunday 19th of Jan, 14.00 – 17.00, theme : Connecting Eva´z Yoga & Pilates, Herenweg 89, Heemstede Price : 35 euro pp In this workshop we will work on the principle of Connecting throughout the asana´s, the pranayama, in the mediation and even in savasana/the relaxation. Through Connecting we move as one body, we collect all the fragments together and focus through one mind, we breathe aligning the pranic body with the physical body in unison. In the sitting/meditation Connecting puts us on the path towards Oneness whether we are looking for the authentic yoga/union or “just” more peace of mind, enhanced wellbeing and the flow of creativity. We will work both with the western approach to anatomy and physiology in line with the eastern approach to the movement of energy throughout the body – to experience and discover the Connection between the two as well as being able to work with whichever approach fits you the best. Whether you are relatively new to yoga or have been on this part for quite some time …

News / Yoga Workshop – “Sacred Feet, Sacred Earth”

Where? @ Eva’z, Heemstede When? Saturday November 16th , 14.00 – 17.00 How much? 35 euro’s What? In this workshop we will re-connect with the natural rythm of our own body, mind, nature and the earth through focusing on and working with the principle of rooting in the asana’s/the postures, the pranayama / the breathing exercises as well as in the meditation. And of course we will enjoy a heavenly relaxation/savasana at the end of the practice. Kind of like a re-set button for your whole system! By bringing ourselves back in balance we automatically offer the world around us and under our feet balance too – it’s no more difficult than that! The workshop is for all levels of yogi’s. Welcome on the 16th!

News / New weekly lesson @ Evaz in Heemstede

I am really delighted to announce that as of the first week of October I will be part of the team at Evaz in Heemstede – an amazingly beautiful and fun Yoga & Pilates Studio on the Herenweg. You can join for the Vijnana Yoga lessons as of Saturday October the 5th, every Saturday morning at 9.30. Please, sign up for the class via the website. Looking forward to welcoming you at Evaz!