Month: June 2013

Quinoa salad for all occasions

As most of you might know by now I am not a master at building my own recipes, so what I do is I try out what I find online, in cook books or what people tell me about that sounds yummy and healthy. If it is a “goodie” – meaning it is yummy, nutritous, easy to cook and healthy – then I share it with my already existing nutritional clients and on this blog. This quinoa salad I found via YogaJournal´s newsletter and it is from Vegetarian Times. If you are vegetarian or vegan you can eat this one by itself. I would then add either some beans, lentils and/or tofu to ensure you get enough protein in. Even though quinoa is the one grain that contans a substantial, and then I mean really substantial, amount of protein it is not enough to view it as “just” a protein source when you plan or cook your meals. For those of you out there who are not vegan or vegetarian it is a great side …

Antioxidant packed sunshine salad, with yummy dressing

A great and extremely nutritious salad, great as a side dish next to your protein and/or bbq and also perfect as a full meal for lunch or even dinner for the vegetarians out there. A small serving could also serve as an entrée! You can even make a triple or larger batch and keep it in the fridge to savour for days to come. Feel free to swap the chick peas for other beans or lentils as well! And why not experiment with different superfood berries like gojji, inca or mulberries instead of or next to the cranberries? Sunshine Salad 2 dl pearl dinkel, spelt, buckwheat or any colour quinoa 2 parsnips 1 carrot 1 paprika 0, 5 zucchini Coconut oil 400 g chickpeas boiled or out of a tin Saffron 1 dl dried cranberries A few twigs of flat leaf parsley 0, 5 pomegranate Boil the dinkel,spelt, buckwheat or quinoa accordingly. Roughly grate the parsnips, carrot and zucchini and slice the paprika in smaller pieces. Heat up a frying pan or a wok and …

The Great Adventure

He was staring right into my eyes, the tiger. He seemed tired, his breathing heavy, as he lay there on his side. With his 17 years of age he had seen and experienced a lot, and his body was tired. His gaze was strong and soft simultaneously, wise and wicked. ” Have you forgotten that Life is The Great Adventure?” he whispered.

Raspberry & coconut smoothie

Here´s another great smoothie, found online with origin Fredrik Paulun. Great as a snack, an on the go breakfast, dessert or even as a welcome drink when it is nice and warm outside and you are having friends over for dinner or BBQ. Packed with antioxidants and healthy fatty acids. Enjoy! 1 serving 125 gr quark – if you are lactose intolerant use goat quark, if you are vegan, use silk tofu 1 dl coconut milk 1 dl milk – any milk you prefer 1 dl raspberries 1 large spoon pumpkin seeds


Decisions have to be made, priorities have to be set. At every crossroads, every moment of the day, anew. It is impossible to let everything drop out of your hands just to race off to help somebody else pick up their broken pieces, when you over and over again return to your own pile of shredded crystals, porcelain and cracked mud afterwards, only to be facing your broken mountain without backup. That´s all over now. It´s enough. A new dawn has arisen, a new day is born and the new earth has arrived. Every time you feel yourself pulled out of this new earth with roots and all, every time you hear the breaking and crashing around you, anchor yourself first in your own inner knowing, in your own connectedness, in your own energy. Feel yourself rooted like the magnificent oak you are, in the present. Then you can slowly stride on, broom and shovel in hand, ready for the rest of the world. But it is not your task to clean up and mend …


How do you actually manage to stay in that little star, inside your own heart? Why is there so much resistance to wanting to stay there? To let that be your base, instead of the wicked world out there? Who´s actually the boss here?

Swedish / “Om”

Skrivkringlans utmaning “Sommarmorgon”, där vi dagligen under månaden juni bloggar under – detta är min post från 1 juni. Om jag skulle skriva en sång till dig, skulle den innehålla så mycket kärlek och nostalgi att Pripps Blå aldrig mer skulle kunna göra en reklamfilm med mer känsla. Om jag skulle skriva en sång till dig, skulle den innehålla kontakten av mjuka fotusulors första barfota steg på klipphällar en sval vårmorgon, granit mot hud, mötet av hårt och mjukt, smältande samman i löftet om den intågande sommaren. Om jag skulle skriva en sång till dig, skulle den hylla dig i mänsklig gestalt som ord och noter från Taube, Bellman, Afzelius, Cornelis, Ledin, Gyllene Tider och ett otal mer själar med i deras led. Den skulle skalda om känslan från alla trubadurshjärtan vilka vandrat våra kuster och land sedan medeltiden och än idag lämnar fotspår i våra själar varje år på nytt. Om jag skulle skriva en sång till dig, skulle den smaka av saltsänk, tång, nyfiskad makrill blandad med fisljummen folköl, vargtass på dunk …


Here I sit, naked in my body Though I am wearing clothes I am totally bare My flesh is bleeding, my joints are aching tears are burning behind closed eyelids But I am not this I am not this body, not this mind I am not these emotions, this anger, this frustration locked up in a cage I am not the tiger, the lion or the bird The curves bending on my road do not define me I am not alone, not lonely This bitterness and anger stuck in my throat is part of this body, of this mind maybe even of the experience of this soul But I am not this I am all pervading love, all pervading innocence I am the candle, the flame, the flickering I am the sky, the seas, the seeds Not as they are seen, how they are felt I am not this pain in my back, I am not the hungry stomach screaming for food while the heart is screaming for care, for forgiveness, for excuses and reasons …