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Strong Winter

Winter. Water. Cold. Yin. Kidneys. Hibernation. Recuperation. Rest. Movement. Stamina. Plenty of words to describe the season and element we are in. I just read in a centuries old “Farmers Wisdom Calendar” that if the old year freezes together with the new year it will be strong winter. A strong winter. What does that mean actually? A lot of us might shrug and think “uh, that means a long, cold, winter with frozen hands, feet and nose”. Other’s might think “yeah, that means a long, crisp, ice and snow clad couple of months ahead with loads of fresh air enjoy ice skating, skiing and sledding with the kids down the slopes”. I would like to think of it as simply “strong winter”. Winter – with all it’s cold, ice, rain or snow, biting winds, somewhat darker days and longer evenings, with me feeling strong. Strong winter. The planet needs this season to be cold, to be “real” to be in balance here in the Northern Hemisphere. We are not separate from the planet. So, how …


The trees are almost completely bare this time of the year in the south of Swedish Lapland where I am living at the moment. More or less totally naked. I can´t decide if they look dead or just totally cleansed, getting ready for hibernation or cocooning. Either way, something changed and there is no way denying it. “Change is the only constant in life” – wise words spoken by dear Heraclitus more than 2500 years ago. Words so evident once we open our eyes to take in the changes in nature – even if we live in the city there are trees and flowerbeds somewhere to be seen and birds to be heard – breathing in the air which changes it’s temperature and humidity as the seasons travel onwards, looking up at the sun to see where it sits today during our lunch break (if you ain´t taking a lunch break, how about giving that as a gift to yourself starting right now ☺ ?), just sharing space with what is moving around, above and …

Tall and rooted like a tree

This blog post was first published on , with whom I write as the resident Yoga & Nutrition Expert, under the name “Mindful Transitions” in October of 2014. It is fall out there. The leaves are being ripped off the trees one day and caressed by a hardly tangible Indian Summer breeze the other day. It is warm. Then it is cold. You wake up totally energized only to face the next morning totally knocked out. One day you take in the crisp air with your first breath as you step outside the door. The next day you can hardly breathe at all from the dampness of the fall rains… When the season change, especially spring into summer and summer into fall we seem to get more out of balance than during other seasonal transitions. It might even feel like at times you’ve been hit with a metal rod on your head while at other times you find yourself looking for both inner and outer bearings to get through this period. Our first routine …

News / Yoga Workshop – “Sacred Feet, Sacred Earth”

Where? @ Eva’z, Heemstede When? Saturday November 16th , 14.00 – 17.00 How much? 35 euro’s What? In this workshop we will re-connect with the natural rythm of our own body, mind, nature and the earth through focusing on and working with the principle of rooting in the asana’s/the postures, the pranayama / the breathing exercises as well as in the meditation. And of course we will enjoy a heavenly relaxation/savasana at the end of the practice. Kind of like a re-set button for your whole system! By bringing ourselves back in balance we automatically offer the world around us and under our feet balance too – it’s no more difficult than that! The workshop is for all levels of yogi’s. Welcome on the 16th!

News : Personal Training Yoga

Ahimsa & Satya, internationally certified yoga teacher and nutritionist, specialized in customized programs to fit your needs is now introducing Personal Training Yoga into it´s programs offerings. PT Yoga is given either at the PT Yoga studio in the heart of Haarlem, or in the comfort of your own home. There is also the possibility to combine PT Yoga with Nutritional Coaching, as well as the possibility of teaching smaller groups in the comfort of your own home., 06-46157019

News: Yoga workshop, Spring Flow , April 21st

Vijnana Yoga Haarlem proudly presents its first co-creative workshop under the name Spring Flow. You will be guided through a flow of different asana’s by one teacher and simultanously you will have two other teachers at your service assisting the workshop. The three Internationally Certificed Vijnana Yoga Teachers are each guiding you through a part of the workshop -that way you get to experience one style of Yoga, Vijnana, with three different personal approaches. This workshop will be given by Jolanda Schoenmaker, Lisette Erdtsieck and Cecilia Gotherstrom. The main ingredigent of this yoga workshop is the personal attention for you and your asana’s! Sign up via or

Yoga…..asana ?

“In ancient times Hatha Yoga was practiced for many years as a preparation for higher states of consciousness. Now, however, the real purpose of this great science is being altogether forgotten. The Hatha Yoga practices which were designed by the rishis and sages of old, for the evolution of mankind, are now being understood and utilized in a very limited sense. Often we hear people say , “oh, I don’t practice meditation, I only practice physical Yoga, Hatha Yoga”. Now the time has come to correct this view point. Hatha Yoga is a very important science for man today… The main objective of Hatha Yoga is to create an absolute balance of the interacting activities and processes of the physical body, mind and energy. When this balance is created, the impulses generated give a call of awakening to the central force (sushumna nadi) which is responsible for the evolution of human consciousness. If Hatha Yoga is not used for this purpose, its true objective is lost. “ – Swami Satyananda Saraswati (1923-2009) I have come …