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Coconut milk and mango smoothie


This smoothie originally was called a “breakfast smoothie” , but I find it a great after sports recovery smoothie as well as a heavier snack for when you are really hungry in between meals.

1 portion;
1 dl coconut milk
1 dl unsweetened applejuice
1 dl mango
2 tbspn protein powder, neutral or vanilla taste
1 banana

Run the ingredients in a mixer until you have a smooth drink = smoothie 🙂
Eat a handful of Brazil nuts on the side.

Feel free to add some spirulina or chlorella powder to the mix, it will change the colour, increase the healthiness and won´t mess with the taste at all.

You can also sprinkle some coconutflakes on top as a yummy decoration.

Original source (before amendments) of inspiration: Tidningen Fitness 10 / 2011

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