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Yummy, fast and oh-so-good-for you oats & raspberry smoothie


When we keep our eyes open there are great recipes and inspiration for a yummy, fun and healthy living all around us, all the time.

This one I found on the package of Oatly´s oat milk and it is just too good to only be shared with the people who are already buing oat milk.

And don´t stop there – test it with other milks too, whichever you like best!

1 portion

2 dl oat milk
1 banana
3 dried apricots
2 tbspn oats
1 dl raspberries

Mix the oat milk, banana and apricots in a mixer first.
Then add the oats and the raspberries and mix until smooth.

Sprinkle with some pumpkin seeds if you´d like or have a handful of unsalted nuts to make sure you have enough good fats to aid the uptake of the antioxidants this smoothie is packed with.


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