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Yoga and Healthy Lifestyle Week in the Winter Wonderland of Sweden


7 days all inclusive
March 16-22 2017

Would you like to keep living a sweet life in the absence of all things deemed as “unhealthy” – but you don’t even know where to start? Revsunds Prästgård B&B – together with certified nutritionist, yoga teacher and Health Coach Cecilia Götherström and food blogger & connoisseur Stephanie Mazier – has put together a full week´s unique course right in the middle of the breath taking Swedish nature. A full week where you will receive all the tools for a healthy lifestyle plus learn how to meet every day stresses & challenges while staying strong and glowing from the inside out. Including daily yoga and meditation sessions.

You lodge at the previous priests quarters built in 1906 in the Swedish county of Jämtland. The turn of the century manor at the shore of Lake Revsund breathes a serene atmosphere. Outside the world is tucked in under a soft, thick blanket of snow. Indoors the logs are crackling in the fireplace. There are no distractions. Only nature to inspire you, the silence to provide you with the perfect space to listen to what your own body needs and is telling you.

Every day we spend time in nature, we practice yoga & meditation and we cook together according to the theme of the day (see details in the program below).

Nutritionist Cecilia Götherström and food connoisseur Stephanie Mazier explain the background of the recipes based on the most recent scientific and published research. We go through all meals and occasions possible – from breakfast to fingerfoods and all in between. By the end of the week you will have gathered loads of practical experience and all the recipes to take home with you.
Enjoy a week full of peace and quiet and good food. We promise you lots of inspiration for a balanced lifestyle easy to maintain once you’re back in your busy life at home.

Day program
In addition to the activities below, you sure will have some quiet time for yourself to, for instance, read a book by the fireplace, go hiking on snowshoes ,go ice skating or just hang with the alpacas.

Day 1
Travel day , transfer from trainstation Bräcke/Airport Åre-Östersund to Revsund.

Day 2
Day two in Revsund you will get to know some of the local food artisans personally. We will also focus on yummy and healthy ‘fika’ (Swedish for coffee or tea with a yummy nibble on the side – usually sweet) and snacks. How to combine socializing, snacking and health?

Day 3
During day three we make a trip through the snow by dogsled. It’s an unforgettable experience; working together with the enthusiastic Siberian huskies, gliding through the scenery, getting away from civilization. Afterwards we will for sure have enough energy to dive in to all sorts of yummy healthy dinners and getting our hands dirty in the kitchen.

Day 4
The fourth day we get out of bed on time to prepare a complete wellness brunch for ourselves. Which we will enjoy in the most relaxed “Sunday Brunch manner” as we are listening to a lecture on “Holistic Health” held by Cecilia. In the afternoon we take a walk with the alpaca’s living at Revsunds Prästgård. Dealing with these special animals introduces a very special feeling of calmness . After the walk the only thing left on the schedule for today is to prepare a “glögg “(Swedish glühwein) for the next day.

Day 5
We start day five with yoga and breakfast before we prepare our lunch together. On the theme of lunch we go through all sorts of questions like ; What do you bring to the office? What can you give your kids to bring to school?
When the Swedish winter allows us to, we bring our lunch outdoors where we enjoy it together with our glögg around the campfire plus we attend a workshop of Ice Fishing.
Today we also have the possibility for those who wish to book a massage session in the afternoon.

Day 6
Today we go “freestyle”.
We head to the supermarket and challenge you to find surprising and guilt free ingredients for fingerfoods and snacks. In the evening we have a Swedish movie night scheduled. We prepare our movie snacks and finger foods together as Cecilia is giving a lecture on the latest nutritional trends, how to interpret both current and future trends, cooking creatively with what you find in your fridge. And how does alcohol fit in to a healthy lifestyle?
We also go over celebration and remembrance – all festivities from birth till funeral, catering to all needs.

Day 7
Travel day, transfer from Revsund to train station Bräcke / Airport Åre/Östersund

€ 1199 per person in a private room
€ 1125 per person in a shared double room
€ 1049 per person in a shared room with 3 or 4 persons

All meals, from dinner day 1 till breakfast day 7
All cooking classes, lectures, Q&A´s
Culinary tour, husky tour, alpaca walk, ice fishing, Swedish movie night
Daily yoga and meditation sessions
Recipe book
All drinks (excl. alcoholic beverages)
All mentioned transfers

Not included:
Travel to and from Sweden.
We are happy to assist you in planning and booking your trip. There are different options possible by airplane (Åre-Östersund) and train (Bräcke). The costs for your travel to and from Sweden will be somewhere between €250 and €400. The earlier you book, the better the price.
Massage sessions, which can be booked for Day 5
Cancellation insurance

Cecilia Götherström (Sweden, The Netherlands) is a certified nutritionist, yoga teacher, personal trainer as well as a passionate writer and blogger for among others the E-zine Stephanie Mazier (France, The Netherlands) is a food connoisseur, food blogger and founder of Appetit Voyage. Since 5 years they are giving workshops, courses and lectures all over Europe under the name of Yummy, Fun and Healthy Living.
Please contact us if you have any questions or for booking.

News; 23/10 Sunday Health Food Brunch / Café


Welcome to Yummy, Fun And Healthy Living´s Health Food Brunch series!

The whole point of this series is that you can actually bring any questions you have about nutrition/food & drinks with regards to your health to this morning get together and we will answer all of them – as well as provide you with recipe suggestions and/or ways to tweak your already favourite foods wherever necessary.

Every Health Food Brunch will start off with a small introduction and a theme to get started, to get the discussion and questions going – after that we can deviate in any direction you would like to, within the field of nutrition and health.

We are totally stoked to be giving these Q & A mornings at MICA Coffeebar in Haarlem, a beautiful setting where you can truly be yourself and enjoy amazingly yummy and pure food and drink products.

Warm welcome!

Your hosts and facilitators;
Stephanie Mazier of Appetite Voyage –  International Food blogger, Writer,  Food & Beverage Connoisseur and recipe tweaker extraordinaire,

Cecilia Götherström of Studio Stark –  Certified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Blogger, Writer, PT , complete nutrition-nerd,


Location: MICA Coffeebar, Kleine Houtstraat, Haarlem
Date & Time; Sunday 23/10, 11.00 – 13.00
Investment : EUR 35:- incl tax, breakfast/brunch (warm oats or granola breakfast, coffee or tea, juice), seminar

Sign up/more information or questions; 06-46157019

News:, Cooking and Nutritional Workshop – Myths and Truths about Fat/s and Your Health



Welcome to part 2 in our “Myths and Truths” series!


Last time we dove in to sugar – this time we are diving in to “Myths and Truths about Fat/s and Your Health”.

How exciting!

We are actually totally stoked to be hosting this workshop on this very subject – first of all as there is of course so much Yummy, Fun and Healthy Food to be cooked within this theme.

Secondly as we love to give these workshops and meet all of you.

Thirdly because if there is any section within nutrition that has been swinging up and down, back and forth when it comes to trends and myths the past 30 years – Fat/s is the true winner. Science and research wise, it has been a true trip of discovery in to the nature of our digestive system and metabolism next to the tremendous effect and importance to our health.

So, we will learn all there is to learn about Fat/s and Your Health in this workshop. We will cook some tremendously Yummy food in this workshop. We will be able to ask all we want to know, to question all we would like to question in this workshop – the more questions the merrier. And, of course, at the end of the workshop we will all sit down together and enjoy the delicious meal we all prepared.

Plus, we can promise, it will be loads of fun!


Your hosts and facilitators;

Stephanie Mazier of Appetite Voyage –  International Food blogger, Writer,  Food & Beverage Connoisseur and recipe tweaker extraordinaire,

Cecilia Götherström of Studio Stark –  Certified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Blogger, Writer, PT , complete nutrition-nerd,

Location: Haarlem / Heemstede

Time and date: Saturday 22/10 , 13.00 – 17.30

Investment: EUR 65 :-  – including tax, cooking workshop, seminar, Q & A , booklet with recipe´s , food & drinks


For registration / questions / more information;

Chia Pudding – yummy, fast… and of course healthy ;-)


I have to admit that the first time I had a go at making the now oh-so-trendy Chia Pudding for the first time, the result was the same as that initial sip of shampoo you get down your throat as a kid when you don´t listen to your mum asking you to keep your eyes and mouth closed as she is washing your hair (aged 3 or so 😉 🙂 ).

Totally not yum, or anything close to it.

So I stayed off making any of these the-worlds-easiest-and-fastest-plus-superhealthy breakfasts for almost a year, savouring the tasty one´s I could get in cafés in Östersund, Göteborg, Köbenhavn, Haarlem, Heemstede, Amsterdam…

Then a few weeks ago this recipe landed in our shopping cart – can´t remember if it was from Dekamarkt or AH, but anyway – it´s totally yum! Not a hint of shampoo taste, just total bliss.

If you´d like to try it, here it is;


1 can full fat coconut milk

40 gr chia seeds

2 tbspns honey or maple syrup

1 tspn vanilla extract

Half a mango (the original recipe was for wild peaches, but they´re not in season, so you go with what you´ve got as Stephi says)

50 gr almonds


All you do is stir together all ingredients aside from the almonds and fruit/berries.

Pour the mixture in to two bowls, tea cups or jars. Let them sit in the fridge over night.

Spread the fruit/berries and the almonds on top of your pudding in the morning and enjoy!

Happy Food – Seminar in Haarlem 10/6

Welcome to the second seminar by Yummy, Fun And Healthy Living in our Sweet Life Series.
This time we will dig in to Happy Food. What food actually makes us happy and why…?

Do you want to discover why you crave specific food? What is behind the comfort food idea? Would you like to gain a better understanding of all these strange words like omega, serotonin, vitamins or tryptophan?

And what are the foods that actually do make us Happy?

Let Cecilia guide you and help you to understand the nutritional and physiological reasons behind our cravings and find the healthiest choices making you feel even happier!
Stephanie will give you some practical cooking tips and recipes ideas to help you apply it in your daily cooking and living without stress.
All this in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere with coffee, tea and snacks.

The purpose of this is fun get together is to gather you people who´d like to take better care of your body, to live a healthier life, without dropping the fun and the yummy!

It is the perfect setup to share questions, doubts and beliefs around Comfort and Happy Food.

Place: Haarlem
Time & Date: Friday 10/6, 19.00 – 21.00
Investment : EUR 27;95, including coffee/tea and snacks
Sign up / questions: / 06-46157019

Special announcement;
Saturday June 11th is Global Wellness Day, a day when there is a global focus on all facets of Wellness. Studio Stark and Appetite Voyage would like to honour and celebrate this very day together with so many more Wellness Facilitators all over The Netherlands. We do this by offering two spots for free in our seminar on Happy Foods, taking place in Haarlem on Friday the 10th of July at 19.00.

Two spots for somebody who really needs some Wellness in their life, but has limited funds and possiblities lately. Is there somebody in your life you would like to give a spot to, or are even you yourself that somebody?

More information on the Facebook event of Happy Foods.

Cia & Stephi
And please, do share!

Super healthy, yummy crackers in no time


Being allergic to gluten means it is not that easy to just grab something when it´s snack time. Which might feel sligth annoying at times , yet is is a true blessing for your health as you get in to using more and more pure foods – cooking and creating from scratch.

I found the base of this recipe in one of those free magazines you get at your supermarket, some months ago. As usual I did not have all the ingredients in the house as I got to test this recipe yesterday , but I did have quite some things I could supplement with.

Imagine my surprise when these were not just super easy and mega fast to make, but actually tasted divine :-).

Go ahead and try for yourself!


150 grams almond flour

70 grams seeds – I used a mix of flaxseed, pumpkinseed and sunflower seeds this time

1,5 tbspn olive oil

1 sligtly whisked egg

2 tspns of dried herbs

Heat your oven to 180 degrees C.

Mix all the ingredients together with your hands, forming a sort of doe.

Place a baking sheet on an oven plate, put the doe in a lump on the sheet. Put another baking sheet on top of the doe. Roll the doe flat with a rolling pin, until it is approximately 2-3 mm thin.

Remove the top sheet. With the top of a knife, slice little square crackers.

Put the oven plate in the oven for 12 – 15 minutes.



Ring tone


I was looking for somebody´s number in my phone today,
and I found yours.

I was in a hurry,
rushing through the list I wished to complete by the end of the day,
and there you were.

In black and white on the screen.

The letters of your name ringing out,
as if you were still there.

A name in my list of contacts.
A cell phone number not dialled for some time,
staring at me as if the signs and numbers themselves
were eyes,
had a presence.

What would happen if I called you?

If I let my fingers slide across the touch-screen,
swipe the call – icon to dial your number?

Would there be a ring-tone?

And, if there were,
how many?

Would there be a click before the voicemail automatically switched on,
at the end of that last ring-tone?

Or would that last one end in silence?

If you could pick up, what would you say?

Would you tell me where you are?
How you are doing?
What you are doing?

Would your voice sound close,
or distant?

Would we talk about the good old times,
the friends we shared,
the village,
the snow,
the new boards of the season?

Would we laugh about what never changed,
or to be more specific ;about the old living legends whom would never change?

Would we decide to meet up the mountain,
or down in the village
with the whole crew?

Would we reminisce of powder days,
of flatlight,
of people held close in our hearts whether there or not there that very season,
of me working for Burton eventually,
of that proving you were right ?

Would you laugh?

Would you let us know,
where you are headed after this,
where we can see you again ?

You see,
I am not the only one
with your number still in my phone,
I am sure.

I am not the only one
whose days lit up
with that smile of yours,
whether it was telling stories
or taking the piss.

I am not the only one
wishing I could just call
those whom departed too early.


Cecilia Götherström, Feb 8th 2016

Workshop Yoga & Nutrition – Sweet Surrender


Eva´z Yoga & Pilates, Herenweg 89, Heemstede
Sunday 13/12 , 13.00 – 16.30

Mid December, and we find ourselves halfway towards Christmas – most likely already clogged up by great-fun-but-maybe-not-so-great-for-our-overall-health “kerst-borrels”, Christmas get-togethers in the shape of brunches, lunches, dinners and more next to stress building up for the holidays.
The feeling of neither having enough time nor energy to fill up our energy-reserves with closing off the old year, planning the new year and fitting Christmas celebrations in between those two up ahead quite often leaves us feeling overwhelmed.

There is no better occasion or reason than this to take a small time out, to step on the yoga mat, surrender to what your body and mind truly needs to charge, to re set and to step in to the light which the holiday season actually truly does bring!

In this workshop with the theme “Sweet Surrender” we will be guided to approach all the practices of yoga (meditation, breath, postures, relaxation) with openness. We will explore what it means to completely surrender the ideas we have about what “should be” and through that be able to embrace “what is”.
To step off the mat closer to your authentic self with an inner strength, peace and ease – what Bridget Jones calls “poise” ;-).

The nutrition part of the workshop will go in to all things sweet.
We are in the season of sweets being served high and low and it won´t stop till after Valentines only to pick up again around Easter.
We will learn everything there is to learn about different sugars, what they do to our bodies and minds, why we crave, what we crave, what we can eat which is actually both yummy and healthy when we do crave sweets.
And, most importantly, we will learn about what are myths and what are truths out there in the nutritional jungle. Plus how you can trust what you know after this workshop and make the best decisions for your own and your family´s physical and mental health without getting in to an argument.

The workshop is held by Cecilia Götherström, Internationally certified Vijnana Yoga Teacher with Vijnana Yoga International and licensed Nutritionist with Pauluns Näringscentrum.
Cecilia has been running her own business within Yoga & Nutrition since 2009 , coaching & teaching people world wide next to writing articles for among others as their Yoga & Nutrition Expert.
She is very passionate about her work and her philosophy is “what is truly good for you is automatically good for the planet ”.

Your investment for this workshop: EUR 55:-

Sign up via e-mail; or sms / call on 06-46167019.

All levels of yogi´s and curious nutritionistas are welcome!
Bring a friend!

More Bliss Balls….


I know the word “bliss balls” is most likely worn out or “outdated” already, but I just lovelovelove it as I feel it so serves it´s purpose.

The original recipe is not mine, even though it is scribbled down on a piece of paper on my kitchen table right now.
I must have gotten it off Instagram or somewhere else in cyberspace originally and true to my cooking hero Stephanie Mazier from Appetite Voyage´s teachings I tweaked whatever the original was a bit to fit the taste and texture of what tasted and felt good today.

Which is something I would not have dared to do some years ago 🙂 – but thank´s largely to all the cooking and nutritional events, workshops and course Stephi and I have given together I have ventured out of my comfort zone in many places.

I would like to dedicate this particular recipe to Swami Ma Tripurashakti Bharati, whom I love hanging out in the kitchen with – where she with just as much humour and complete fearlessness as she uses in her teachings and life as a true yogi has taught me how to prepare a lot of yummy and healthy dishes created with and from curiousity, gratitude, joy and spiced with great laughs.
Under her guidance the diet in Abhyasha Ashram IS the practice of Ahimsa – being vegan, sugar free as well as free from any added oils.
Just like this recipe.

And just like the name – living in Ahimsa takes us on the road to Bliss ;-).

To start rolling down that road with your snacks as an inspiration you need the following ingredients;

2 cups of oat flakes
1/2 cups of walnuts
3 tbspns raw cacao
Zest from 1 orange
Juice from 1 orange
6 dates

Use either a blender or a hand held mixer to blend the oats, walnuts and cacao together.

Then add the orange zest, dates and the orange juice. I chop up the dates first to make it easier for the blender/mixer.


Then you just take your mix and roll it in to small or large bliss balls.

Enjoy straight away or store in the fridge for later (after your practice ;-)).