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More Bliss Balls….


I know the word “bliss balls” is most likely worn out or “outdated” already, but I just lovelovelove it as I feel it so serves it´s purpose.

The original recipe is not mine, even though it is scribbled down on a piece of paper on my kitchen table right now.
I must have gotten it off Instagram or somewhere else in cyberspace originally and true to my cooking hero Stephanie Mazier from Appetite Voyage´s teachings I tweaked whatever the original was a bit to fit the taste and texture of what tasted and felt good today.

Which is something I would not have dared to do some years ago 🙂 – but thank´s largely to all the cooking and nutritional events, workshops and course Stephi and I have given together I have ventured out of my comfort zone in many places.

I would like to dedicate this particular recipe to Swami Ma Tripurashakti Bharati, whom I love hanging out in the kitchen with – where she with just as much humour and complete fearlessness as she uses in her teachings and life as a true yogi has taught me how to prepare a lot of yummy and healthy dishes created with and from curiousity, gratitude, joy and spiced with great laughs.
Under her guidance the diet in Abhyasha Ashram IS the practice of Ahimsa – being vegan, sugar free as well as free from any added oils.
Just like this recipe.

And just like the name – living in Ahimsa takes us on the road to Bliss ;-).

To start rolling down that road with your snacks as an inspiration you need the following ingredients;

2 cups of oat flakes
1/2 cups of walnuts
3 tbspns raw cacao
Zest from 1 orange
Juice from 1 orange
6 dates

Use either a blender or a hand held mixer to blend the oats, walnuts and cacao together.

Then add the orange zest, dates and the orange juice. I chop up the dates first to make it easier for the blender/mixer.


Then you just take your mix and roll it in to small or large bliss balls.

Enjoy straight away or store in the fridge for later (after your practice ;-)).


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