Month: May 2013

One more chocolatey smoothie

Seems we can´t get enough of these smoothies! They come out of nowhere and everywhere to be tested and tasted. Lately they all seem to have the theme of chocolate or cacao, who knows why they arrive in clusters 🙂 … Anyway, here´s another yummy & healthy smoothie – have it as a snack, after training, for breakfast…. 3 dl of almondmilk or oat milk (or any other milk you like) 1 banana 1 tbspn cacao powder / raw cacao 3 tbspn hennep protein powder a bit of vanilla 1 tbspn coconut oil (slowly heat au bain marine to get it more liquid before putting in the smoothie) Mix, serve, enjoy!

News : Personal Training Yoga

Ahimsa & Satya, internationally certified yoga teacher and nutritionist, specialized in customized programs to fit your needs is now introducing Personal Training Yoga into it´s programs offerings. PT Yoga is given either at the PT Yoga studio in the heart of Haarlem, or in the comfort of your own home. There is also the possibility to combine PT Yoga with Nutritional Coaching, as well as the possibility of teaching smaller groups in the comfort of your own home., 06-46157019


Sounds like it´s “burger-week” here eh :-)! Here´s another healthy, yummy and quick dinner – also a great treat for the upcoming BBQ season . And if you read this in cold, freezing winter you can of course either oven bake, oven grill or maybe you are lucky enough to have an indoor grill next to your cooking plate. Ingredients, for 2 people; 2 x salmon filets 1 aubergine 4 sliced tomatoes 40 grams pine nuts, roasted Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper For the dressing/ sauce, you will need; 1 dl greek yoghurt, or goat yoghurt 0,5 tbspn real mayonnaise 1 tspn tamari (gluten free soy sauce and a bit sweeter than regular) a handful of fresh dill 0,5 tspn salt some frehsly ground pepper 1 tspn agave or maple syrup First, stir together all the ingredients for the sauce/dressing and put it in the fridge to stay cool. Grill, BBQ or ovenbake the salmon with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper. Get 4 pieces of “burger bread with” sliced from the aubergine and …

Yellow paprika chicken (or fish, or tofu) burger

Yet another recipe picked up on the go from one of the Swedish magazines I always pick up when I visit my home country. If you don´t eat meat , you can substitute the chicken for grilled salmon or marinated tofu. Did I mention that it takes less than 15 minutes to cook? For 2 people you need the following ingredients: 2 x chicken filets (or tofu , or salmon, or other fish filets) 2 paprikas (don´t have to be yellow… 🙂 ) A few handfuls of fresh baby spinach leaves One large tomato, sliced Jalapeno´s – you decide how many Lemon balm For the tahini dressing / sauce; 75 gr tahini 1,5 cloves of crushed garlic zest and juice from 1 lemon 0,5 dl water seasalt & freshly grinded black pepper Mix all the ingredients for the sauce together in your foodprocessor or mixer – if you don´t have one, you can also use a fork and mash it all together. Put it in the fridge to stay cool while you cook the rest. Spice your chicken, …

Antioxidant packed shake

I know it might seem like I am on shake-mission lately,but I just can´t help it. Wherever I look there are recipes or ingredients popping out and then you have to try it right!? This one came off the rice milk package and it was yummy. For those of you who are having this smoothie after exercise or as a more filling snack, just add some protein powder to the mix and eat a handful of nuts next to it. I would always have the nuts next to a shake like this anyway, as you otherwise send your bloodsugar pretty high plus the heart healthy fats in the nuts also optimizes the uptake of the fatsoluble vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the fruit and berries. This is what we throw in the mixer; 1 kiwi fruit 200 grams of raspberries 200 ml rice milk (do experiment with other non dairy milks too of course) 8 mint leaves Swish! Enjoy! Click here for some more nutritional benefits on the Kiwi and the Raspberries.

News: Yoga Workshop June 8th, Rooting & Connecting

The theme of this Vijnana Yoga workshop are 2 of the 7 principles from Vijnana Yoga; Rooting and Connecting. By learning to incorporate and use these principles on our yoga mat, we can easily translate them across to, and use them in, our life and situations “off the mat”. Through the principle of Rooting we are firm and steady with both feet on the ground, no matter where the wind blows. From that place of Rooting we Connect to our own source, our own core which builds up  and radiaties out your own strength and power unique to your self so that you can be a beacon of glowing light in your life. Villa 533, Vijfhuizen for more information to sign up Welcome!

Ants on a log

In the beginning of this year Stephanie and I were preparing the first of our Yummy, Fun and Healthy cooking workshops with the theme of snacks. We went through a lot or recipe’s and testing and some of the suggestions we’d either gotten from friends, family or found online and in cook books seemed, for where we were then, a bit weird to us to say the least. Now, 5 months down the line , 3 workshops  (snacks, lunches, re energizing foods) and loads of testing and tasting later we both have developed a new type of curiosity (the curiousity was there from the start, it has just multiplied by 6000) . Now,no matter how strange the mixes sound, if they have tasty and healthy ingredients we try them out and then Stephanie usually works her magic of tweaking the recipies into something really special that we use in the workshops (for those of you who either don’t know us or haven’t attended our workshops, she’s the star cooking queen and I do the nutritional parts – you know that scientific as well as …

Super Squishers – Delish Spring Smoothies made by 10 teams of year 3 kids

Originally posted on myschoollunchbox:
Oh, it’s a grand thing to do. Work with eager young minds who are keen to learn, try, taste and enjoy, which is why I look forward to doing workshops with kids, even if they take place in halls, rather than fancy master chef style kitchens and stretch me, mentally  and physically. Yes, there is a lot of bringing stuff hither and thither, unloading, reloading, shopping and schelping but you know it really is all worth it, particularly when kids try new stuff, like a pomegranate seed, a piece of pale green celery, a crimson piece of melon and when we talk about eating “a Rainbow”  they are all for it!  Two weeks ago I was back in another hall, working with 10 groups of six, a great band of teachers and parents amid the happy blending of various combinations of veggies and fruits. This time we made 2 lots of green smoothies using apple juice as a base and nut milk bags to squeeze the best of our green juices…

What? Chocolate breakfast!?!

A friend passed me this recipe for a breakfast smoothie and I tried it out this morning. I am really into extremely bitter and dark chocolate and even though this smoothie contains raw chocolate in it’s purest and most natural form, hence being packed with heart healthy anti oxidants and good fats, it was still a bit too sweet for me. We did pimp it up a bit by adding raspberries and chili pepper to the recipe though (thank you Ma Tri and Stephanie!). But hey, me finding this too sweet doesn’t mean I should keep this healthy, chocolate breakfast (or great smoothie for after vigorous excercise) away from you guys right? You just throw the following ingredients in your mixer, swirl it in there and sit down to enjoy! 1 banana 125 gr silk tofu 1,5 dl coconut milk 1 dl water 1 tbspn raw cacao powder handful of walnuts 1 dl raspberries pinch of chili pepper Good morning and Happy Day to you :-)!

Quinoa Brekkie

I am really happy and excited to share another guestblog from the amazing Camilla Onell, with yet another yummy, sparkling and healthy recipe. Love it! Camilla shares a lot of her beautiful writing work on: Thanks again Camilla! I have always hated porridge, ever since I was a little girl. However, every now and again I try to find a recipe that I like, since a warm, gluten-free breakfast is such a treat for your body when starting off the day. A while ago a good friend of mine told me to try not only coconut oil (which I already use in, like, everything) when trying out recipes but also coconut flour. Coconut flour is great since it is loaded with nutrients and high in fibre and protein. It also contains lauric acid which supports our immune system and the mineral manganese, good for the thyroid gland. After a bit of experimenting I have come up with a recipe that, believe it or not, I just love! It’s easy to make and you can …