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In my heart of hearts I


In my heart of hearts I
hear music
sing to my soul

In my heart of hearts I
am music

In my heart of hearts I
spill in to the world of creation
like a brittle waterfall,
a whiskering wind,
like a tone of love,
of wildness,
of quaking wisdom
shivering out of my bones

In my heart of hearts I
know who I am

In my heart of hearts I
melt into the mother,
become the father

In my heart of hearts I
am the speck of oneness,
the soul who is the muse,
the giver of joy,

In my heart of hearts,
there is no stopping me,
No boundaries,
no beginning,
no ending,
in my heart of hearts

In my heart of hearts I
look deep into the brown-yellow eyes
of the enormous white wolf
in the mirror
looking back at me,
eyes full of tenderness,
eyes full of knowing,
soul full of worship

In my heart of hearts I
come home
to who I am,
to who I was,
to who I am to be,

Cecilia Götherström, Nov 5th 2015
Thank you Roger Housden for the Writing Prompt Today


The Flower In The Storm

Magisch Zweden-1

“What´s in a name?”

A question often asked, and just as often replied to.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – an often used quote from Shakespeare´s Romeo & Juliet.

A rose is always a rose, it knows it´s purpose , it does not need a name to define itself.

For us human beings – or should I call us human thinkers maybe, as if we were really human beings would we really need to categorize and put names on things to explain what they are instead of feeling in the energy and give names by that 😉 ? – language and words are important. So there can be a lot in a name.
If we choose to listen in and honour that name, that word, that picture , the vibration of the name or the word is synchronizing itself with us.

Today I was blessed to have a chance encounter with a dear friend in town, as I was racing through the streets on my very fast blue bike.

A chance encounter which turned in to a whole thermos of green tea, the visit – chance encounter # 2 for me within 10 minutes – of another dear friend, the amazing synchronisity of events, energies and revelations for all three of us which can only happen when we are willing to just go with whatever is and be totally open and honest. Of course it helps when we are surrounded by people and energy , which is holding us and making us feel safe enough to open up.

And when you start to open up, there is no way you can go back to being a bud again. Once the flower has started to spread its petals, no way does it go back to being a bud again.
It has no choice but to bloom.
In full colours.

Once bloomed, it shrivels, falls off the stem, gets re absorbed by Mother Earth and comes back again as a new bud, a new flower, for the next time to blossom.

We talked about names.

My dear friend sharing his story reminded me of the name I was given by my dear teacher Grandmother Robin Tekwelus Youngblood of the White Wolf Clan ; Pejuta Wakinyazi – The Flower Of Thunder And Lightning.

The name has come back to me often the past year, extremely frequently the past two months.

I am ready to step in to the full meaning of that name, whatever it holds and wherever it takes me.

I have made some commitments to and with Water, Sky, Air, Earth and Space and a promise the past month.

I know now that that very promise – just like life and everything we go through – will have moments of growth, moments of hesitation, of preparation, moments of pain of the buds bursting open, moments excitement as the petals start to reach towards the sky, moments of complete exaltation as the flower blossoms, moments of withdrawing and preparation for rest as the blooming season comes to an end, moments of transitioning in to the next face as the flower falls to the earth, moments of absorption with source as the next growth period is being prepared , moments of new life while leaving old life behind.

Behind all these moments, behind or even inside the storm , inside the thunder and lightning – there is the place which does not move at all, which is always still, which always knows without having to ask any questions . In whatever moment or season we find ourselves, we are – just like the flower – always connected to that place, that source, that Isness, and we can always tap in to it.

Behind all these moments is Home.

It is our “task” to follow the movements of the seasons of our lives and moments, connected to Home, listening to our true purpose , knowing we are in transition every moment. When we can experience that transition we are in we can also tap in to that place behind. It is actually only through knowing and being present to where we are in that moment that we can get there.
So easy, yet so difficult – as wherever we are we either enjoy it so much we never want it to end , hence do our best to hold on to it , to re capture it, to even buy it or we despice it so much that we do anything we can to run away, to change it, to fight it.

Home is here. Now.

Home is being the Flower in your storm. In whatever moment that is.

Thank you David.

Thank you Robin.

News: New weekly Yoga lessons at Eva´z in Heemstede

Happy Autumn out there everyone!

I am stoked to start teaching weekly lessons at Eva´z beautiful studio and space in Heemstede again from October 1st.

There will be 2 new lessons commencing Friday this week;

Friday´s 17.00 – 18.15, Dynamic Flow Yoga
Wednesday´s 21.15 – 22.15, Restorative Yoga

All levels are welcome!

Eva’z Yoga & Pilates
Herenweg 89, Heemstede

Please, contact Eva to sign up for the lessons on either sms, What´s App or e-mail;

See you in Heemstede!

Healthy pancakes, yeah!


Another favourite in cyber space, which has totally become both a hit and a favourite in the household here.

We´ve had a lot of visitors the past year since we moved up to Sweden.
With us now living quite a way away from the supermarket it means our guests have kind of had to eat whatever this gluten allergic nutritionist whips up for herself every morning.
Thank G – or thank Cyberspace – for these pancakes is the word I have gotten from basically all of them this past winter ;-).So I guess it is time to share my own pimped version of what was initially called the “2 ingredient pancake” :-), with thanks to all our dear friends who keep popping by with SAS and SJ;

Ingredients (per person);

1 banana
2 eggs
baking soda (if you´d like, leaving it out is fine too and does not affect the taste)
1 tbsp buckwheat flakes or kernels
1 tbspn oat flakes
1 teaspoon each of all superfood berries and seeds you have in the house ( I usually have pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flaxseed, psyllium seeds (of this one I use 1/2 teaspoon only), goji berries, mulberries, shredded coconut, cacao nibs)

Mash the banana with a fork.
Add cinnamon and baking soda. Mash that in as well.
Then you just add all the other ingredients, mix it all together and your doe is ready.
Fry your pancakes in coconut oil and serve with fresh berries or fruit, some maple syrup and when you want to be really luxurious why not chop some dark (75% + ) chocolate to sprinkle on top as well ;-)?

As much as this is usually a breakfast or lunch recipe for us, it makes great evening meal too, an awesome recovery after training snack, a yummy lunch, superb picnic food and more.
If you want it more savoury you can add spinach or kale as well to the mix, which you mash in to the banana before adding the other ingredients.


And of course, feel free to pimp the recipe any way you like ;-)!

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Mazier from Appetite Voyage

Swedish/ 1 msk Plantago Psyllium, 50 koppar inspiration


Motvilligt öppnade hon köksdörren. Den gnisslade mer än vanligt, som om den också protesterade med.
Försöktigt steg hon in i köket, ”som Mojje Mockasin” kom hon på sig själv att tänka.
Solen sken in genom de höga fönstren, lite disigt ljus genom smutsiga rutor.

Där, till höger om den gamla knarrande kylen, hängde det rosablommiga förklädet hennes mormor och senare hennes mor alltid använt vid bak, stek, disk och till och med grill dags.
Med darrande händer knöt hon det runt sin mijda, slätade ut det med båda händerna innan hon formade sitt bångstyriga hår till nån slags hästsvans.

” Hår i maten är lika illa som en fluga i soppan” hörde hon mormor Valty’s röst så klar i bakhuvudet att hon snurrade runt för att möta leendet och rynkorna som hörde till rösten, bara för att inse att det inte var något annat än den gamla hederliga köksväggen bakom henne.

Drömmande tog hon tag i handväskan, letande efter receptet Johanna hade skickat förra veckan. Receptet till hennes bästa väninnas favoritbröd, som hon lovat att baka. Inte för att hon kunde baka, hon kunde inte ens stava till ”kök”, nej, det var för att Johanna had brutit armen och var trött på att äta rostade tekakor med räkost – tillredda med en hand.

Cecilia Götherström, Skrivkringlan i Haarlem, 23 februari 2013

Detox your mind


Detox is a word which has become almost as common as the word “Iphone” in our every day lingo.

Even though we might not know all the exact down-to-the-nano-particle-of-certain-molecules-or-cells-details-and-functions of neither the word “Detox” nor the word “Iphone” , we are all aware that both words are necessary for our survival ( 😉 ).
Or at least we know that one is – the other we most likely feel like it would be pretty difficult to survive without.

Well aware of the fact that Detoxification is the process in our bodies which rids our system of toxins we have become more and more picky about what we put in our mouths, on our skin, the quality of the air which we breathe in and more.

But what about the things we let in to our minds through the gateways of our senses?

And what about the stuff that comes out of our mouths as we speak?

Is the music you are playing, the books, magazines and blogs you are reading, the movies you are watching, the people you are spending your time on or off line with aiding your mind with detoxing so that mind can restore it´s balance? Or are they part of making mind more toxic?

During a workshop a few weeks ago one of my teachers asked us; “how does it feel when you gossip, or when you hear gossip? Pretty dirty, eh? Like you have to go wash your hands or brush your teeth! Compare that to when you sing a mantra or give someone honest praise”.

Same story with what enters your mind. Does it make your mind space more beautiful and serene or more clogged with uck?

What comes out of our minds – reflected in our thoughts, actions and speech has once entered in to our minds.

Yogic practice – Sadhana – is about detoxifying the mind. When the mind is detoxed it is clear and has no problem with making the “right” decisions including what is best for the body at any given moment.

At the same time, it is vital to surround ourselves with the people, inspiration, actions and speech which is conducive to this detoxification – not something which is “re-toxing” and filling up at the same speed, or even faster, than what is being detoxed.

Spring is a great time to take stock of what is lifting us up in life, letting that thrive, adding some more water to it´s growth and allowing what is no longer serving us to be washed away by the melt-waters´ flooding waterfalls, river banks and lakes stronger and faster by the day.

Make way for the green, not just on your plate but also in your mind this spring so that you can move in to summer with a clear view.


Cecilia Götherström, May 31st 2015

Blissing out on figs


I know Instagram is flooded with pictures and recipes for “bliss balls”, but I just loooooovelovelove the word and have to admit that I have gotten pretty hooked on these truly blissfull, healthy, yummy and just wonderful little circular bullets of pure joy.

Bliss balls , simply!

So, here is a recipe so easy it is impossible to fail, so quick there is no way you can run to the store and get a Snickers even if the store is 10 meters away in the amount of time it takes to make these, so yummy you might consider to quit chocolate (I said “might” OK 😉 ) and so healthy you will be doing yourself nothing but good.



200 gr dried figs
2 tbspns coconut oil
1 dl rolled oats
2 tbspns honey

Mix it all together using whatever mixer you have in house.
I used a hand held mixer/blender and found it worked better if I chopped the figs in smaller pieces before starting to mix.

Roll in to the shape of balls and then let them roll in roughly chopped nuts.


Nyheter : Yoga Nidra – djup avslappning – i Östersund 27/5


Yoga Nidra betyder “yogisk sömn”. Det är ett tillstånd av medveten djup sömn. När vi mediterar förblir vi i det vakna tillståndet av medvetandet där vi genom olika tekniker rensar ut mönster, reaktioner, känslor, bilder mm.
I Yoga Nidra lämnar vi det vakna tillståndet, går förbi det drömmande tillståndet (dröm-sömnen) och tar oss i djupsömnen samtidigt som vi är alerta.

Yoga Nidra har använts av yogis och visa människor i årtusenden för att kunna skapa frid på djupet, som komplement till meditation.
De senaste årtionden används Yoga Nidra både på sjukhus och i arméer i de flesta av världens länder för att behandla stress symptom som bl.a högt blodtryck, ångest, PTSD mm.

Yogalärare: Cecilia Götherström, Internationellt certifierad i Vijnana Yoga & Classical Yoga
Tid : Fredag 30/1 , 18.00 – 19.30
Plats: Yogashala. Varmt välkomna!
Kostnad : 150 :-
Information:, 070 – 6707048.

Banana & Carrot Muffins

I know, I know – it has been ages since my last post….

But that does not mean the inspiration was gone, it was just life that kind of “took over”.

Now with spring and long days, evenings and even nights as the sun now sets around 23.45 up here and is back up again around 04.00 there is plenty of energy and time to try new recipes.

Yesterday evening I baked these gluten, dairy and sugar free muffins – filled to the brim with awesome anti oxidants like carotenoids, with potassium, fiber, heart healthy fats, vitamin D, healing spices, vital-for-bone-muscle-and-brain-vitamins-and-minerals, packed with vitamin A and protein.

Aside from that long list of good reasons to try these, they were yummy!

Only took 5 minutes to whip together and then 20 – 25 minutes in the oven – so, lack of time does not justify as a reason to not try!


3 finely grated carrots (medium size)
3 eggs
2 dl almond flour
2 tspns baking powder
0,5 tspn sea salt
1 tbspn cinnamon
1 tspn cardamom
1 tspn ginger powder
3 bananas
3 tbspns melted Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1 dl chopped nuts

Heat your oven to 200 degrees centigrade.

Stir the almond flour, baking powder, sea salt, cinnamon, cardamom and the ginger powder together in a bowl.

Mush the bananas in another bowl, then adding eggs and coconut oil and stir it all together.

Stir both mixes together, add the carrots and nuts in and stir again.

Spoon the mix in to either a cupcake pan or baking tray. Let them bake in the oven for 20 – 25 minutes.

Enjoy as a snack or a quick breakfast on the go (together with your green smoothie then if it´s breakfast on the go, right 😉 ! ).




Spring is officially upon us and before we rejoice in all the energy the sun brings us, before we feel it rushing through our bodies and minds filling us with a tremendous intensity of inspiration and motivation, there is always that time of transitioning in to spring from winter.

Yes, we do tend to forget that.

Every year anew we find ourselves sitting there wondering why we are overcome with fatigue and sluggishness, feeling slightly chilly, eyes watering, itchy nose, wrapped in a huge blanket while turning our cheeks to face the sunlight with a craving for that fluttering spring energy to just kick start itself.

Spring, the season of the element Wood, the season of the Liver, the Gallbladder, of Green. The season when the body wakes up again to take in the beauty of life as it re invents itself right before our very eyes.

Being the language nerd I am have for a long time been fascinated with the origin and meaning of words in relation to what they can really tell us about living in balance with our own true nature.

Spring is when life literally “springs” out of the ground. It is the season when we need to aid our livers and gall bladders in cleaning out any muck left from winter as lovingly and gentle as the sun’s rays are melting the snow, allowing the Water Element to flow as part of creating the new life of this year.

Isn´t it interesting then that Liver in Old English was actually called “Lifer” and that “Liver” also can be interpreted as “The One Who Lives”? That Liver in German is called “Leber” and life in German is called “Leben”? That Liver in Dutch is called “Lever” and life in Dutch is “Leven”? That Liver in my native tongue – Swedish – is called “Lever” which also is the exact same word as “Living”?

( Practice ; )

Find a place in nature, or on your balcony, or close to your favorite plant or flowers in your house or office to sit.

Get comfortable – preferably in a cross-legged position on the floor with cushions or blankets supporting you. It is important to sit high enough so that you don´t have to hold yourself up from your lower back.
Sit so that your knees are lower than, or in line with, the height of your hipbones. Of course it is fine to sit on a chair if you cannot sit on the floor. If you do sit on a chair make sure to have your feet flat on the floor.

Observe nature. Use your eyes as if they are seeing nature for the first time – which in a way of course they are, as every moment is new. Take it in. Then gently close your eyes, bring nature inwards, just sit and listen. Listen to life, really Listen.

Whatever is going on inside right now is there to tell you something. You are listening to understand and to then decide if this is something that represents renewed life and energy. Is it something you want to bring and plant in your life in spring to have it bloom in summer or is it something that might have served you but is now ready for the compost?

Inhale the smell of wood, the scent of spring. Let it linger. What does it tell you?

When you feel ready, open your eyes.
Meet life.

Cecilia Götherström, March 22nd 2015