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Workshop Yoga & Nutrition – Sweet Surrender


Eva´z Yoga & Pilates, Herenweg 89, Heemstede
Sunday 13/12 , 13.00 – 16.30

Mid December, and we find ourselves halfway towards Christmas – most likely already clogged up by great-fun-but-maybe-not-so-great-for-our-overall-health “kerst-borrels”, Christmas get-togethers in the shape of brunches, lunches, dinners and more next to stress building up for the holidays.
The feeling of neither having enough time nor energy to fill up our energy-reserves with closing off the old year, planning the new year and fitting Christmas celebrations in between those two up ahead quite often leaves us feeling overwhelmed.

There is no better occasion or reason than this to take a small time out, to step on the yoga mat, surrender to what your body and mind truly needs to charge, to re set and to step in to the light which the holiday season actually truly does bring!

In this workshop with the theme “Sweet Surrender” we will be guided to approach all the practices of yoga (meditation, breath, postures, relaxation) with openness. We will explore what it means to completely surrender the ideas we have about what “should be” and through that be able to embrace “what is”.
To step off the mat closer to your authentic self with an inner strength, peace and ease – what Bridget Jones calls “poise” ;-).

The nutrition part of the workshop will go in to all things sweet.
We are in the season of sweets being served high and low and it won´t stop till after Valentines only to pick up again around Easter.
We will learn everything there is to learn about different sugars, what they do to our bodies and minds, why we crave, what we crave, what we can eat which is actually both yummy and healthy when we do crave sweets.
And, most importantly, we will learn about what are myths and what are truths out there in the nutritional jungle. Plus how you can trust what you know after this workshop and make the best decisions for your own and your family´s physical and mental health without getting in to an argument.

The workshop is held by Cecilia Götherström, Internationally certified Vijnana Yoga Teacher with Vijnana Yoga International and licensed Nutritionist with Pauluns Näringscentrum.
Cecilia has been running her own business within Yoga & Nutrition since 2009 , coaching & teaching people world wide next to writing articles for among others as their Yoga & Nutrition Expert.
She is very passionate about her work and her philosophy is “what is truly good for you is automatically good for the planet ”.

Your investment for this workshop: EUR 55:-

Sign up via e-mail; or sms / call on 06-46167019.

All levels of yogi´s and curious nutritionistas are welcome!
Bring a friend!


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