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Blissing out on figs


I know Instagram is flooded with pictures and recipes for “bliss balls”, but I just loooooovelovelove the word and have to admit that I have gotten pretty hooked on these truly blissfull, healthy, yummy and just wonderful little circular bullets of pure joy.

Bliss balls , simply!

So, here is a recipe so easy it is impossible to fail, so quick there is no way you can run to the store and get a Snickers even if the store is 10 meters away in the amount of time it takes to make these, so yummy you might consider to quit chocolate (I said “might” OK 😉 ) and so healthy you will be doing yourself nothing but good.



200 gr dried figs
2 tbspns coconut oil
1 dl rolled oats
2 tbspns honey

Mix it all together using whatever mixer you have in house.
I used a hand held mixer/blender and found it worked better if I chopped the figs in smaller pieces before starting to mix.

Roll in to the shape of balls and then let them roll in roughly chopped nuts.



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