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Our monthly Writer’s Circle in The Hague is spread around the globe at the moment, which does not stop us from writing together. Those of us who can´t be there in person when we meet monthly get the 10 minute speed writing subject e-mailed and then we can join in the writing, which we all share amongst each other in cyberspace. This week’s writing really opened up a dam in me I have to say, and before I share my piece with you I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for my dear Writer’s Circle ladies who have become some of the closest friends ever. In writing you go so immensely deep, and it takes a really safe place to be able to just open up and let it all out – that is what you all are! Thank you!

OK, here is my piece for this month;

Intimacy is seeing through your skin,
not just your eyes,
not just your words,
not just the passion we share.

Intimacy is feeling,
cutting trough,

cutting through denial,
releasing, wanting,
screaming out what is there.

No fear,
no censorship,
no “taking into consideration”,
no holding anything back.

Completely naked,
body to body, soul to soul,
hand to touch, fingertips to lips,
earlobes to heart,
breath to life, blood to tears.

Everything falls, everything breaks,

false walls, fake boundaries
thorned gardens put up with imagined beauty,
crippling rules,
all which locks us away from experiencing the whole,

words, blocking the passion from the heart
customs, blocking the presence

The presence of true freedom,
of releasing, of casting off,
of jumping out,

Out into an ocean of bliss,
out into what is there,

without being tied to what it might lead to,
what might come.

Wrath, possession, blackness,
all build up
like clogging, poisoned pain
closing out every whiff of intimacy,
because we let it.

Cast it off,

let me feel your being,
your nakedness,
your soul,
melting into mine,
your earlobe to my heart,

if just for a second,
just for an instance,
just for infinity.

Cecilia Götherström, 18 December 2014

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