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Our Writer’s Circle still has it’s seat in The Hague, but with quite some of us – myself included since a month and a half – living in other countries we take part in the montly speed writing sessions by writing wherever we are on the chosen subject and then we all share with each other online for the one’s who are not physicaly in Den Haag.
Yesterday’s subject for the 10 minute speed writing session was “Flight”.
Here I am sharing my piece;


I want to take flight.
Feel the wind beneath my wings,
letting my heart soar up to the heavens.

From up there I will be with you again.

All of you whom I carry in my heart.

All of you whom have moved my heart and inspiration to flutter.
Flutter like the wings of a butterfly, reborn to her true purpose in a new shade.
Flutter like the wings of a songbird,
the wings of a bat,
the wings of a pterodactyl even.

You have taken me to ancient times,
to the future,
to fantasy-land,
to the now,
to opportunities,
across lands and mazes filled with hedges and walls,
some of them as cold as the Berlin wall.

You have guided me,
kicked me,
pushed me,
laughed me,
with every piece of your heart and soul
to the place where my whole being takes flight.

Takes flight to be part of that all
one heart,
all one soul,
all connectedness,
that laugh-and-open-your-heart-play-like-a-child-and-all-is-wellness.

I crashed,
I burned,
I tried to get up.

I crashed again,
it hurt.
Tears were screamed out,
like the gust of a fire hose
trying to quench the excruciating flames of loss,
of grief,
of “how will I ever be able to do this?”.
of “what was I thinking?”

I got out.

Afraid of flying,
maybe forever afraid of flying,
but I got out.

there was the sound of helicopter blades.

The “swoop, swoop, swoop, whoosh”,
the sound of the blades of the coast guard chopper.

Like an oil battered seagull I was taken ashore,
rolled up,
in that blanket of care,
of belongingness,
of purpose.

Ready to take flight anew.

Cecilia Götherström, Aug 10th 2014

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