Why is it that some people connect straight to your heart, while others remain outside or at least in the periphery of your life?

Why is it that when you feel welcome, taken in, truly invited, you feel a sense of instant belonging?
How is it that you can spend years with some people and just stay acquaintances, while spending hours, days or a few weeks with others you feel like the greatest of friends in an instant?

Is it because we have learned to count time instead of connection?

Is it because we keep our heads down and our hearts closed?

Is that why we get so surprised when one hugely open heart and pair of arms welcome you in and we find not just one new friend but a whole new family of friends?

Because we did not think that possible any more?

Then surprise swells over in joy, joy in inspiration, inspiration in warmth – and somewhere lingering in there also the seed of how hard it will be to leave this new bunch behind when the time to move comes, mixed with the even more fertile seed of gratitude that we get to experience this.