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Grilled and marinated veggies


Here´s another one of my favorite side dishes.

While great for on the BBQ, you can also use your indoor grill if you have one or the oven grill. This recipe does have a few extra steps, which makes it easier to use the BBQ or the indoor grill but with patience of course the oven grill is fine too!

For the vegans and vegetarians among us, just leave the sardines out.

You can make plenty of this dish and keep it in the fridge to serve with any type of protein you are cooking for lunch, dinner or bring it on that picnic, boat ride, cross country skiing outing, ballon ride, day on the beach, hike up to the top of the mountain, you name it….

This recipe is for 4 portions.


1 aubergine
1 squash
1 red capsicum
1 yellow capsicum
2 red onions
1 dl calamata olives
2 tbsnps capers
1 tin of sardines

Ingredients for the dressing:

2 tbspns fresh basil, chopped
1 tbspn fresh thyme, chopped
0,5 dl balsamic vinegar
0,5 dl olive oil
Black pepper

Start with fireing up the barbie or the oven.
Slice the aubergine and the squash in about 1 cm thick slices.
Cut the capsicums in quarters and rinse out the seeds.
Peel the onions slice them in wedges.
Slice the tomatoes however you´d like.

Stir the herbs into the oil and vinegar.

Put the capsicums on the bbq, peel facing down and let them grill til the peel is starting to char. Then take them off the grill and let them cool off.

Then grill the aubergine, squash and red onion until you can see the charred lines. Remove them and let them cool off too.

Remove the blackened peel from the capsicums and place them on a serving dish or a plate together with the other veggies, add salt and pepper.
Sprinkle the olives, sardines and capers on top and then drizzle the dressing across the lot.



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