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Gotland Garden


Soft wind through the pine trees in the back,
my newly awakened feet sinking into the wet grass,
bare soles meeting the Earth.

The promise of a new day,
rain or shine,
always there.

A rooster making himself heard somewhere between the trees and the wind,
his song beginning from the nails of his claws sinking into the soil
while his throat opens up to the sky
– out comes the greeting of this very moment.

Behind the murmering and swaying of leaves and pine needles,
a soft sigh as the incoming swell caresses the lime stone shores.

Yesterdays rain and storms have turned into a caring embrace,
gently erasing the stains of whatever got washed off before.
Like a caring mother wiping her childs nose,
the ocean lovingly meets the land
– over and over again,
washing away,
making room for new.

Harebells and wild chervils reaching for the heavens,
without a care in the world;

so what if summer is singing its last words,
on its way to the last refrain?
We will go with the tune,
with the flow of the music of the season
wherever it takes us.
No need to know what’s around the next bend,
why we are here.
It all just is.

Two dogs on the grass,
taking in the fullness of the moment,
nostrils moving with the scent of every passing butterly,
every spider strutting before their eyes.

The earth is soft,
the grass is warm,
the sea is always there.

Cecilia Gotherstrom
Aug 1st 2013

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