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Bonds formed in the heart are not always of the heart.

We might think we created them in our heads, for whatever “use” or “commercial” reason, and when this “use” has run its course we break this bond from the head, only to realize it is stuck in the heart.

It might be a thorn, or a full rose.
It might be just a few petals, or the roots, or the stem.
But it stays.

These bonds nestle themselves in, growing their vines and leaves around our whole inner world, inner life, inner body.
Around our organs, our existence, our inner being.
Like a hug, and sometimes like a choke.

Just like in the Indian legend where you are taught that it takes a thorn to remove a thorn it only takes one rose to grow a whole rosebush.

Where every year the flowers are getting larger, the petals stronger, the stems sturdier and the reach is higher and higher towards the bright shining sun.

As fall comes and the roses shrink in for their winter sleep, so the bonds lay dormant but never disappears.

The thorns fall off, to the ground.

The petals form a soft carpet for next year’s growth, and when the wet spring arrives the soils are coming back to life again.

The roots are twinkling and tingling down into the earth, the stems awake and the buds of the bonds are gently, softly coming back to life.

Then, the first ray of sunshine – like that first call or e-mail after a long winter of silence – peaks out behind the clouds and the buds break open.
Into a shimmering, glimmering, heavenly opening cascade of life and light.

Welcome back from wherever you have been!
I can see by the size of your thorns that your winter was troublesome, but now they are strong and you look bright.

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