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Runner’s shake

Sometimes, or actually if I am totally honest, most of the time, I very spontaneously jump into things and projects without real consideration, just because they sound fun, positive, challenging and / or are really helping somebody else out.
Signing me and my husband up to run the 16 km Dam tot Dam race for Dutch Charity War Child this coming September is one of those….

Now, we are only 5 weeks away from that race and whatever the training schedule dictates for that very day we just have to do.

Friday was one of those days, with 30 plus centigrade degrees outside, a physiotherapy appointment scheduled in the early afternoon which prevented a cooler evening run, and the schedule said 12 km…

I had a very good pre running breakfast – porridge with oats, apple, gojjiberries and soy milk plus 2 boiled eggs – and waited 2 hours before the run.

Once I got back from the run, during which I downed a whole litre of water, I was extremely hungry and hoooooooooooooooooooooooot from the frying sun so I opened up the fridge while simultaneously checking the fruit basket and just threw a few things together for a pre shower shake to make sure my body went into instant repair and nurture instead of muscle and tissue breakdown. I was really surprised at how yummy this shake was and immediately thought I’d have to share this on my blog – so here we go;


1 banana
1 mango
150 grams silk tofu
2 dried figs
1 teaspoon or ½ teaspoon of honey
2, 5 – 3 dl soymilk

Just mix it all up and drink and enjoy!

I know this contains quite a lot of carbs compared to amount of protein and hardly any fat, so do have a couple of nuts on the side on the way to the shower!


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